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The Right Stuff - Traits of a Healthcare Administrator

The secret to success in any profession is doing what you’re passionate about and what suits your personality. Every job has certain tasks that come naturally, while others will challenge you to dig deep and find the necessary tools to handle them. Take healthcare administrators—aside from the technical training, they require a specific skill set related to organizational abilities, interpersonal communication, and critical thinking. To be able to effectively utilize your masters in healthcare administration, it is helpful to have the following traits:

  • Organizational skills, since you will have to juggle many different responsibilities while keeping tabs on everything
  • Excellent people skills, which involve communicating both verbally and in writing as well as being a good listener
  • An analytical mind, or the ability to analyze complex data and situations and make good decisions based on your assessment
  • Skilled delegation, so as to properly assess the abilities of your employees, designate tasks, and monitor completion
  • The ability to manage people, communicating each individual's or group's specific task and keeping them focused on it
  • Patience when dealing with patients and with staff

Do you feel like you possess these qualities? If so, a masters in healthcare administration could be right for you! Contact a representative from to learn more.

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